These innovative products all stem from spent coffee grounds, helping establish a circular economy in which the spent coffee grounds that would be otherwise wasted in landfills are now being collected, repurposed, and sold to the market. Ranging for skincare treatments to soil supplements, are products are sure to serve your needs and ensure a more sustainable environment.



As Groundify is a social enterprise, we look to do our part to better our environment. We do so not only by promoting a circular economy & reducing greenhouse gas emission by re-purposing used coffee grounds, but also using the by-products of these spent coffee grounds to better serve our community. Groundify, through its coffee logs, the most effective and environmentally-sustainable fire logs available on the market, looks to partner with global organizations that specialize in defeating hunger and improving the lifestyles of individuals they serve. through this partnership, these organizations will recieve Groundify’s coffee logs to help promote effective and environmentallysustainable cooking and heating in target area. By doing so, we look to stay true to our mission and our purpose in our global society.